Summertime Jewelry Care Tips and Tricks!

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Summer-blog-picNow that it’s officially summer I wanted to round up some of my favorite Jewelry care tips and tricks for the warm weather! The first tip that I’m going to give you is to always remove all your jewelry before applying sunblock. I’m a huge fan of spray sunblock and yesterday I sprayed myself forgetting that I had my brand new monogram pendant on. It looked dull and sad! Sunblock is corrosive and can make jewelry look awful. (Read on to find out how I fixed it!)

Another thing that happens to jewelry in the summer is that it gets covered in sweat. We are walking around all day in the sun and heat and you’re bound to perspire on your favorite pieces. If you are heading to the gym or the beach take off all your jewelry first. Sweat can make sterling silver jewelry tarnish at a faster rate.

Another thing that we do in the summer that can damage jewelry, especially rings, is all that gardening. I don’t usually garden, but if you’re a fan of planting, pruning and trimming then make sure to remove your jewelry first. Dirt and rocks are abrasive. If they rub up against your jewelry they’re bound to scratch them or at least remove their polish.

Lastly, salt water and chlorine can both do some damage to your jewelry. Like sweat, they make the silver tarnish faster. Not to mention, if you’re bathing in cold water, such as the ocean, the cold can cause your fingers to temporarily shrink, which is an easy was to lose a ring!

If any of these things have already happened to you and you now have dull jewelry that looks lackluster and sad there’s something you can do! My monogram pendant is looking all spiffy again because I took it home and used a toothbrush and soapy water to clean it. You can use the same method. It looks great again!

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