Can I Place an Order, Please?

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Auburn Jewelry received its first order right away, probably due to my incessant yapping about my new business. I was handing out business cards like it was my job…oh wait, it was! The order was for a pair of sterling silver, spiral, planished earrings. I couldn’t believe it, I was about to fill my first order for a custom pair of earrings. I sat down at my new jeweler’s bench and began to form plain sterling wire into a wearable piece of art.

I started by measuring the wire, cutting it to its designated length, and then filing the ends flat. Trying to avoid my fingers, I took my chasing hammer to the wire. I hammered up and down each piece on my steel block to give it a shiny, gorgeous, textured affect. Then I drilled holes in the top of each piece for earring hooks.

Now came the challenging part, how would I turn these straight pieces of wire into spirals? Because my parents hadn’t already done enough for my growing business, I decided to steal one of their spoons. (I’ll let you know, it took them over a year to realize it was missing.) I wrapped each piece of textured wire around the handle of the stolen utensil and low and behold it worked like magic! Ta da! All I had to do was insert the earring hooks and place them in one of my new, recycled cardboard, jewelry boxes. I had successfully filled my first order for Auburn Jewelry!


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