Knot So Tangled Anymore

Do you have something that looks like this in your jewelry box?

          If you’re anything like me you frequently end up with very tangled necklace chains. Whether it’s one chain that’s in a knot or a few that are all clumped together, this is a very frustrating situation. Struggle no more! I’m here to help! Ever wonder the best way to untangle that mess of a chain?

        Through out my many years in the business I have found that this technique is the fastest and least frustrating way to untangle that chain. First, NEVER unclip the chain from itself. (And that being said, whenever you take a necklace off, make sure to always use the clasp.) Now, lay the necklace down on a flat surface and give yourself enough space to spread the chain out. Do not try to do this holding the chain in your hands. Locate a small and pointy object; I find that an earring, paper clip or a safety pin work the best.  Insert it into the knot in the chain and start to wriggle it around on the table. This will loosen up the knot. Continue to do this until the knot is loose enough for you to finish untangling the chain with your fingers. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to untangle a stubborn necklace chain.

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