Light My Fire…or Menorah

studio smallIt was December of 2011, Hannukah was rapidly approaching and just like the

years before I had not a clue what to ask for – a bag? New electronics? Clothes? But

unlike most young adults my age I decided to ask, or should I say beg, for my very

own metals studio. As I tried to persuade my neurotic Jewish parents that having

a blowtorch in our house wasn’t that dangerous, the dream of being able to create

jewelry in our basement was slowly turning into a possible reality.

About a week after the last of the eight candles had been lit, melted and the menorah

was put back in its place I was finally able to convince the Levines that the studio

was a fantastic idea. “It’ll increase the value of our home,” I told them. “You won’t

even know I’m down there,” I fibbed. Although I like to assume they believed me

and that my lawyering skills had been perfected after only 2 years of law school, I

knew the truth – they were sick and tired of being bothered.

Shortly thereafter boxes of all shapes and sizes began arriving at our house. Big

ones, small ones, ones the size of flex shafts, pliers and table top drills. As I began

setting up my new equipment my fourteen year old self’s dream was officially

coming true.

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