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Pawburn by Auburn Jewelry

 Here at Auburn Jewelry we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and customization. Our Pawburn collection allows you to customize pieces of jewelry to pay homage to your pets and favorite animals. Whether you’re looking for a dinosaur or one of our famous “Where’s Dexter?” pendants, we will work with you to design the piece of your dreams.

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Donate to a Great Cause


A portion of the proceeds from our dog bone and fish pendants are donated to the SPCA of Westchester. The role of the SPCA is to protect the rights of animals and enforce animal cruelty laws. However, it receives no outside funding; it relies solely on donations from people like you. Fish pendants are available for cat lovers and dog bone pendants are available as well. Each is a great gift for any animal lover who wants to let others know that they support animal rights.

Meet the Animals

dexter ears

“Where’s Dexter?”

Each “Where’s Dexter?” pendant is a portrait of an actual dog’s ears. In order to make these adorable pieces we enlist some help from our customers. You send us a picture of your pup and we use that picture to hand cut the silhouette of dog’s ears and turn them into a wearable piece of jewelry. Click here for tips on taking the perfect picture for a “Where’s Dexter?” pendant.

penguin 4 pendant


We love a challenge. Are you looking for a pendant, cufflinks or bracelet with your favorite animal but it’s not on our website? That doesn’t mean we can’t make it for you! Ask us if you don’t see what you’re looking for! We add new pieces to our collection every day, maybe the next one will be yours!

Lily paw

Custom Paws

Similar to our “Where’s Dexter?” pendants, our custom paw print pendants are also made using a picture of your dog’s actual paws. Just make sure all five paw pads are visible in the picture you send us. These pawsome pendants are a great gift for the animal lover in your life! They also look great layered with our mini pendants!

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