What Sparked My Interest

I was in eighth grade, going on ninth, and on a tour of the ominous high school

that I would be attending the following September. The first hour or so of

the tour was standard, fairly unimpressive, yet overwhelming – the English

department, cafeteria, gym. One of the last stops on our walking tour of Horace

Greeley High School was the Art Department. Most of the rooms were fairly

mundane; housing colored pencils, glue, crayons and scissors. But then, we

walked into the metals studio with its foreign tools such as files, buffing wheels,

saws and of course, an entire enclosed soldering bench, complete with four

blow torches. I was amazed. “I could use a blowtorch in school?”, I thought to

myself. “They trust us with this? How is that possible?”

The next fall these questions that had been plaguing me all summer were finally

answered. Yes, I can use a blowtorch at school! Yes, they do trust us with this

dangerous equipment! YES this is possible! From that moment on I knew I had

found my calling and the rest will be etched in history as I spent the next four

years perfecting the skills that were being hammered into me.

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