What’s in a name?

You would think that being so eager to start creating jewelry in the comfort of my

own home would inspire me to open all those boxes that had arrived as quickly as

possible. Instead, in my overwhelmed state I decided to wait…and wait….and wait.

About five months had passed and summer vacation was commencing. Just as a nice,

thick, layer of dust was forming atop the cardboard boxes, I got up the courage to

begin the daunting task ahead of me.

The next few weeks were filled with moving, unpacking, building and just a little bit

of criticism, “you’re not really going to leave all that trash in here, right?” Although

it took longer than expected, months after their arrival, each file was in its place, the

flex shaft was hanging neatly from its hook, and each grit of sand paper was at home

in its respective drawer.

Finally I was able to start the creative process! But first my new business needed

a name. Sam’s Sterling Creations? Nah. Levine Studios? Not a chance. Auburn

Jewelry? That had a nice ring to it, I thought to myself. Having a complete change

of heart, I decided that it was finally time to embrace the middle name I claimed to

hate for my 25 years. Samantha Auburn Levine was finally ready to being making


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