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ORIGINAL CUSTOM PET CHARM in sterling silver

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Turn a picture of your four legged friend into a charm! Just send us a picture and we will create a mockup for you and then once it's approved we will handmake you a one-of-a-kind custom charm!

Email your pictures to

- Handcrafted by Auburn Jewelry's President, Samantha

- Sterling silver and enamel

- 1.5cm diameter 

 Any dog breed or cat is possible! Examples: Pug, golden, labradoodle, chihuahua, frenchie, boston, cat, kitty, pitbull, mutt, rescue, shepard, newfoundalnd, lab, westie, beagle

Handcrafted by Auburn Jewelry's Creative Director, Sam

Sam hand saws, drills, solders, and enamels every single piece of custom jewelry. No designs are off limits. Custom colors can also be requested.

Some of our favorite past pieces...

Each purchase comes in a beautiful gift box ready for gifting to your special someone (yourself included)!

Beautifully Boxed

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