Looking to have your business logo turned into jewelry? We can take your logo and make it into pendants, keychains, or cufflinks. Seen above is the collection of necklaces we created for Vineyard Vines. Logo pieces are available in small batch production and any pantone color. 



Being a small business owner myself, I know the pride I have for my business and how much I wanted to express such regard through personalized products of my logo when I first started out. So, I can help you do the same for the small business owner in your life. Whether it’s a friend, relative or acquaintance, I will help you design the perfect piece of jewelry that will not only be extremely thoughtful and well-suited, but beautiful too. Above is the logo for Booked Parties Mini Movers and Shakers!

Interested in having us turn your logo into jewelry? Please contact us at sam@auburnjewelry.com or (914) 960-1923