ORIGINAL CUSTOM PET CHARM in sterling silver

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Color Deep Red

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^^ If you upload images PLEASE EMAIL ME so I can send you your mockup!

Turn a picture of your four legged friend into a charm! Just send us a picture and we will create a mockup for you and then once it's approved we will handmake you a one-of-a-kind custom charm!

Email your pictures to sam@auburnjewelry.com.

- Handcrafted by Auburn Jewelry's President, Samantha

- Sterling silver and enamel

- 1.5cm diameter 

 Any dog breed or cat is possible! Examples: Pug, golden, labradoodle, chihuahua, frenchie, boston, cat, kitty, pitbull, mutt, rescue, shepard, newfoundalnd, lab, westie, beagle