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ORIGINAL CUSTOM PET CHARM in sterling silver

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^^ If you upload images PLEASE EMAIL ME so I can send you your mockup!

Turn a picture of your four legged friend into a charm! Just send us a picture and we will create a mockup for you and then once it's approved we will handmake you a one-of-a-kind custom charm!

Email your pictures to

- Handcrafted by Auburn Jewelry's President, Samantha

- Sterling silver and enamel

- 1.5cm diameter 

 Any dog breed or cat is possible! Examples: Pug, golden, labradoodle, chihuahua, frenchie, boston, cat, kitty, pitbull, mutt, rescue, shepard, newfoundalnd, lab, westie, beagle

Let's Turn Your Furbaby into Jewelry!

Whether your four legged friend is a pup, horse, gecko or guinea pig, we've got you covered! Keep scrolling to see our process and upload pictures of your furry (or scaley) best friend!

Hi, I'll be your jeweler today!

My name is Samantha and I'm the owner and Creative Director at Auburn Jewelry. You'll be working exclusively with me to design your custom pet piece. We can use your furbaby's head, full body silhouette or paw to create a custom piece of them! I can't wait to see what you have in mind! I love a challenge! Custom pet pieces start at $90. Let's do this!

Step 1:

Upload Pics: Send over some pictures of you furry friend! I'll choose the one I think works best for a silhouette.

Step 2:

The Mock-Up: Once you've sent over pictures and we've decided what size charm, color and if you'll need a chain, I'll work on your custom mock-up. This will be an image that's emailed to you that will look exactly like your final piece. If you like it and approve it then I'll begin making it!

Step 3:

The Fun Part, Let's Make It!: I'll handmake your custom pet piece in my studio in New York. This process will take about 3 weeks (sometime more, sometimes less.) If you need the piece sooner please let me know and i'll do my very best to accommodate!)

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