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HANDMADE PEACE SIGN in sterling silver

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Show your support for Ukraine by wearing this gorgeous sterling silver peace sign necklace. 30% of the profit will be donated to the International Rescue Committee. 

- Handmade

- Sterling Silver

- Disc is approximately .4 inches

- On 15" paperclip chain

- Charm will be able to slide on to our standard chains

Each purchase comes in a beautiful gift box ready for gifting to your special someone (yourself included)!

Beautifully Boxed

Finally! Anti-tarnish Silver

Every piece of Auburn Jewelry begins with .925 sterling silver. Hate how sterling tarnishes? So do we - that's why we plate all of our Readywear sterling pieces in rhodium (a white metal that's similar to platinum) to keep your charms looking brand new and tarnish resistant!

Superior Quality + Affordable 14K Gold Jewelry

Allow yourself to jump on the gold jewelry train without the guilt of the solid gold price tag. Our gold pieces also begin with .925 sterling silver. It's then plated with a gorgeous, luxurious, layer of 14k gold that will retain its shine.